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Your Store. Store Home. Games Games. Software Software. Software Hub. Hardware Hardware. Community Hub. Shadows: Awakening is a unique, isometric single-player RPG with real-time tactical combat. You embark on an epic adventure with challenging gameplay, a gripping storyline and enchanting graphics. Recent Reviews:. All Reviews:. Games Farm. Kalypso Media Digital.

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Popular user-defined tags for this product:. Sign in or Open in Steam. Includes 45 Steam Achievements. Publisher: Kalypso Media Digital. Share Embed. Read Critic Reviews. Add to Cart. Add all DLC to Cart. Feature List A Tale of Two Worlds — In a parallel universe inhabited by demons and monsters; seamlessly switch between the Shadow Realm and the mortal plane and witness a gripping storyline in a world full of myths, destinies and legendary creatures. After the members of the secret council known as the Penta Nera are assassinated, their souls are consumed by the Devourers — evil demons which possess the ability to absorb the memories and personalities of the souls they acquire and materialize them as their puppets.

Re-emerging into the mortal realm once again, the demonic Penta Nera continue their quest for power and immortality, but at what cost? You take control of a demon summoned from the Shadow Realm — the Devourer — to consume the souls of long-dead heroes and embark on an epic adventure with challenging gameplay, a gripping storyline and enchanting graphics. Do you have the focus and wits to master the world of the Heretic Kingdoms? Gather your party, control powerful heroes and use their skills to your advantage. But who is in charge… the demon, or the souls that it has devoured?

It's up to you to either thwart a major threat and save the world, or to plunge it into complete disaster…. See all. View all. Click here to see them. Customer reviews. Overall Reviews:. Review Type.

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People are so terrified of being alone that they make up an invisible being that will always be there to comfort them and love them no matter what. Sure it's a nice thought, but it's not real. You then start to believe all sorts of things that are not true, and in fact, the less likely something is the more you are inclined to believe it. That's a major drawback I think. Just look at Trump supporters. But most of the experiences don't occur in times of stress and turmoil - most of them occur in times of peacefulness and serenity.

You seem to have confused these experiences with something religious - which they are not. They are nothing to do with invisible beings. They just suggest that what we think of as 'normal' awareness is limited and restricted in some ways. In these moments some of the restrictions fall away. I have had this experience. The reason why I know it is real, is because of how I changed after Just like that. I don't get hurt very easily by what others say anymore This is so liberating. I did not know about this "awakening" spirituality thing before.

It just happened to me I searched the internet to try to find out if others had this experience and came across Steven Taylor's website. But there is not a lot of evidence due to its rarity. Steve is producing some of the first scientific evidence that it is a real phenomenon.

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It's unfortunate that you are so misinformed about this. Awakening is real.. If you did not have an experience of actual and real awakening you should not speak as if you are an authority on the matter. Trust me, you are not. Why do I say so? A belief is a construction of the mind based on DATA that will not necessarily arrive to the truth. There is no "maybe" I broke my spine You got hit by a truck and you're in the hospital now Get it? No belief involved.

Please do not spread your ignorance around on stuff you have no idea about. Thank you. Beautiful, succinct and clear summary of your findings with awakening research Steve. I reach a few million through those channels and so hopefully I can help spread your research findings to a larger audience. So grateful to be part of the consciousness, spirituality and transpersonal psychology program with Alef Trust where I was first introduced to your work.

Thanks Johnny - by all means share my articles. I remember a beautiful awakening experience you described at the top of a mountain - maybe in one of your essays for the course?

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  8. When this happened to me, I came to understand that we are part of an outmost detailed, intriguing and marvelous system, where each piece functions as a clockwork, that we have just failed to master. There are no coincidences, no waste, but more like a deep denial that remains towards the whole thing. Culture, archetypes and myths tell exactly the same: There's a cognitive dissonance caused by the rejection on our initial connection to the environment that shaped us out of the system, developing a higher intelligence that has brought us where we are now, unable to connect with nature again.

    For me awakening was dreadfully painful. I thought it was the emotional pain described in severe cases of heartbroken experiences, but it has to do with the reptilian complex. As you start opening your eyes, the design shows itself to you, and you know you've reached your liminal phase, where the heart is essential. The whole process is killing for the mind. No wonder why Alice in Wonderland more or less what it is , needs to fight to protect her head to be cut off. The final stage is death of the ego, or the projection of the mind on your so called identity.

    This is completely scary. Is not death what you experience, but deep thanotophobia, and the vivid sense of annihilation.

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    Then, I survived, and here I am, at work. My life did not changed a lot, but I see things differently. My whole conception is different. I don't see as you see.

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    I understand Jesus, the bible, the Odyssey, or any mayor event, tale, process, etc; on a very different way. We have been taken care of, but that until puberty has ended. This is what happened to me in France on 26th August last year. In retrospective I can see the impact it had on me in my photographs and WhatsApp conversations and chats. The effects were amplified multiple times when I went on withdrawal from sertraline and methylphenidate hydrochloride.

    The retrospective evidence of photographs and research went through the roof until March when I regrounded.

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    Albeit in a much higher state of awareness. It's somewhat akin to the very first time you take MDMA which was 30 years ago and not done since. I was like most people and drawn into my own psyche. Something happened to me in that lightning storm in France. I changed instantly. I felt 3 inches taller. I lost all fear and hate and sadness.

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    I felt a beautiful connection with everything around me. My young children saw it, felt it, loved it. But when I stopped taking the sertraline, my god it intensified. I've met several people who did this cedsation cold turkey and their lives are ruined. They're crying in the corner of the room 5 years later. I went the opposite way. Will human beings ever transcend the need for religions? The great American psychologist anticipated many ideas to come. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist.

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