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Without the hyphens, it should be "three times a week. Linkway Senior Member British English. A year-old driver may need twice as much light to see as well as a year-old. At age 60 and older, driving can become even more difficult , according to the American Optometric Association. Some older drivers also may have compromised vision due to cataracts and degenerative eye diseases. The reasons are many — shift work, lack of quality sleep, long work hours, sleep disorders — and it doesn't only happen on lengthy trips.

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These staggering numbers are backed up by a report by NHTSA that , police-reported crashes are a result of driver fatigue. Most crashes or near-misses happen at the times you would expect drivers to be tired: 4 to 6 a. Drowsy driving puts everyone on the road at risk. Losing two hours of sleep has the same effect on driving as having three beers, and tired drivers are three times more likely to be in a car crash if they are fatigued.

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Evening rush hour between 4 and 7 p. In winter, it's dark during rush hour, compounding an already dangerous driving situation. Nearly 30 people die every day in crashes that involve a driver impaired by alcohol, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Drivers impaired by prescription medicines and other drugs increase that number significantly.

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America PhRMA says international comparisons are misleading because list prices do not take into account discounts available as a result of "aggressive negotiation" by U.

These discounts can drive down the actual price paid by U. However, similar confidential discounts are also offered to big European buyers such as Britain's National Health Service.

In Britain, generics account for just over three-quarters of prescriptions and that level is lower in other parts of Europe. Still, the United States is slower to see the arrival of generic competition to some top-selling drugs, which explains some of the differences in pricing for certain medicines on the top list.

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Overall, the analysis found that price differentials were slightly smaller for complex antibody-based drugs, which are used to treat conditions like cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. Many of the biggest differences were evident for older drugs, reflecting the fact that prices are typically hiked each year in the United States, said University of Liverpool drug pricing expert Andrew Hill.

The latest furore over U. It has since promised to roll back the increase. You have free article s left.