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High Mexican cuisine alta cocina mexicana is constantly evolving, beginning with its pre-Colombian roots, then combined with elements brought to the New World during the Colonial period, up to today's most recent Mediterranean, Continental, Caribbean and Asian influences. The decor of earth tones, reminiscent of our Mexican landscape, combined with the artwork of Mexican artists, creates an elegant yet calm ambiance in which the most distinguished palate can experience a most sublime meal.

Our orchard-farm We mainly use homegrown and local organically grown crops. Always looking to maintain a high standard and superior quality that will make the Mexican high cuisine an unforgettable experience, they began creating different dishes that satisfy the most demanding, nationals and internationals, palates. So they arrived to the final product witch offers a casual yet elegant ambiance convened with a superb and original quality food with a wide variety of wines from all the main regions and a sophisticated bar.

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Joining the effort, Alejandro Ballesteros Jano a Vallartan Celebrity, who becomes Maitre'D, sharing his expertises and knowledge of the local and foreign residents. There has been alternation in power. The P.

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In the Congress, various parties are represented and influential, not only the P. And the Supreme Court is independent. Key autonomous entities — among them the central bank and the National Electoral Institute — operate professionally.


Although it is still somewhat limited, freedom of expression has revealed cases of corruption that would have remained hidden in the 20th century. Mexico is now a democracy but there is profound discontent with its results. Most Mexicans resent, and rightfully, the meager economic growth of the past few decades and the persistence of poverty and inequality.

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And four terrible problems complicate this situation : violence, insecurity, impunity and corruption. In the face of this desolating balance sheet, the natural reaction in any democracy is to punish the government in power. Voters thus far have no way to judge Mr. Anaya because he has not presented a detailed program. The current P. Anaya for a purported case of graft. If he survives that onslaught and arrives at the formal beginning of the campaign on March 30, he will have shown resolve and may become a competitive candidate.

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Other independent candidates will also appear on the ballot but have no real chance of victory. All of them, however, beyond their political differences and except for Mr. To begin with, he has said that he does not believe in the existence of Mexican democracy, though it has been in the context of its rules, institutions and freedoms that he has gained the likelihood of power.

Nor does he trust in the National Electoral Institute. After losing the election by a wafer-thin margin 0.

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Defeated by a larger margin 6. He has continued to show disdain for the institutions of liberal democracy.

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And he recently accused the Supreme Court of being an instrument of the oligarchy used to dominate the people. There is a genuine linkage of religious fervor which it seems just to call messianic between Mr. Confident in that connection, he has shown an unbending intolerance toward criticism from the media and intellectuals.