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Gear is the most visible way to make a statement in "Destiny 2" but emblems are the best way to show off your accomplishments. Most emblems are unlocked by completing content, so throwing up your favorite one is the best way to show everyone exactly where you've been, what you've done, and how many aliens you killed along the way. Chests drop from all sorts of content, including public events, Lost Sectors, and even treasure maps you can buy from Cayde These chests are totally random, and you'll run into a ton of them just playing the game.

However, there are a handful of chests that you can unlock by performing very specific actions, in a very specific order, in a very specific location. Here's how to unlock them. In the area immediately before the last boss, your fire team will need to pass through six rings on the way down to a safe platform. If all six are activated, you will unlock a hidden chest. The best way to get loot in "Destiny 2" is to actually play the game, but it's also possible to exploit loot chest respawns to get free gear with zero effort. This isn't exactly the fastest way to boost your power level, but it is very easy to do passively while watching Netflix , playing a different game, or when you're tied up with any other activity you can afford to interrupt every few minutes.

This exploit works based on the fact that chests respawn after you open them. The basic idea is to locate a chest in a relatively safe and enclosed area, open it, and wait for it to respawn. A good option for this exploit is to go to the landing zone by the Exodus Black and locate a narrow canyon. The canyon leads to a cave that contains some enemies and a teleporter. Eradicate the enemies in the cave, open the chest, and wait about three minutes.

The chest will respawn somewhere in the cave, and you can open it again. The enemies will not respawn, so it's safe to just sit back, wait, and open the chest as many times as you want. Turn in the planetary tokens you get from repeatedly opening the chest, and you'll get free gear. Walking around on your own feet can get incredibly tiresome, so you're probably wondering how to get your first Sparrow.

And it can get pretty lonely out there in the wilderness, so where are the social spaces? If you're wondering how to unlock this kind of content in "Destiny 2" we've got you covered. Since "Destiny 2" is an MMO-lite, there aren't any real cheats like speed boosts that you can use, at least not without the risk of getting banned. There are ways to get speed boosts in the social spaces though, and unlocking them involves some fun little mini-games. Once you hit level 20 and start on the endgame, the best way to get powerful gear is to complete your weekly milestones.

You'll eventually unlock them just by playing the game, as long as you dabble a little in everything. But if you want to get started on that powerful gear as soon as possible, here's how to unlock all of the milestones in "Destiny 2. Grinding public events is an easy and potentially monotonous way to get experience to level up or earn bright engrams. It's also a great way to get gear, but only if you can trigger heroic events.

Each event has its own specific triggering method, so make sure to read up.

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Trigger the heroic event, complete it, and you might get some fantastic gear. Lost Sectors are like instanced mini-dungeons that you can repeat over and over again for a chance at loot. They're already marked on your map by the Lost Sector symbol, but we have some choice hints if you're having trouble finding them. Share Pin Email.

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Updated April 15, The emblem won't appear in your inventory, but you can find it directly in your collection in the Emblems 2 section. However, there are a few weapons you can unlock, and power up, by doing specific quests. How to Unlock Prophecy Weapons.

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Unlock the heroic version of the adventures by talking to Brother Vance. Complete once of the heroic adventures to receive the Lost Prophet reward from Vance. Obtain enough radiolaran cultures to forge a prophecy weapon. This process can be repeated with additional radiolarian cultures and paradox amplifiers. How to Unlock Perfect Paradox Shotgun. Complete this quest to unlock a legendary shotgun called Perfect Paradox. How to Unlock Sagira's Ghost Shell. Complete the Lost Prophet quest 11 times.


Crossroads Complete the heroic version of the public event on Mercury. Hero of the Infinite Complete the Curse of Osiris story. Master Gardener Complete Tree of Probabilities prestige difficulty while it is the featured weekly Nightfall. Blade's Blast Complete a Dawnblade Warlock subtree. Breaker's Blaze Complete a Sunbreaker Titan subtree. Sentinel's Shove Complete a Sentinel Titan subtree. Slinger's Slight Complete a Gunslinger Hunter subtree.

Stalker's Shot Complete a Nightstalker Hunter subtree. Storm's Surge Complete a Stormcaller Warlock subtree. Strider's Slash Complete an Arcstrider Hunter subtree. Striker's Slam Complete a Striker Titan subtree. Walker's Warp Complete a Voidwalker Warlock subtree. How to Reveal the Chest in the Lighthouse. Collect five Compelling Books inside the Lighthouse on Mercury in a specific order:. Look for a desk on the outside edge of the area where Brother Vance is standing to find the Compelling Book. To the right of the entrance, along the outer edge of the area, you will find the Marked Book on a bookcase between two torches.

Past the first column to the left of the entrance, you will find the Aged Book in a stack of books in front of a bookcase. To the right of the entrance, look for a long row of desks. The Curious Book is located on one of the desks. To the left of the entrance, you will find the Significant Book near the large 12 pointed star design on the wall. The book is located high up on a shelf, so you'll need to jump up to get it. Content How to Unlock it Sparrow vehicle Reach level 20 to start earning bright engrams.

There is a chance that a free sparrow will drop when you turn in bright engrams. You can also purchase a sparrow from Amanda Holliday in the Tower after you beat the main campaign of the base game. The Tower Social Space Complete the main campaign of the base game. Launch the game and open the Director. Select the black and yellow icon that looks like an eye to start a cutscene. Talk to Ikora at the Tower. Complete the first mission of the DLC campaign, and you will unlock Mercury and the Lighthouse social space.

Level and gear don't matter in the Crucible, so you can jump right in. How to Unlock the Speed Boost in the Farm. Head across the wires to the building where Lord Saladin is.

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This will give you a limited amount of time to run through a series of beams of light that shoot from the ground. If you fail, and you don't die, you can just go back to the bonfire to start again. If you get to all the beams in time, you'll receive a speed and jumping boost at the farm that resets if you leave. How to Unlock the Speed Boost in the Tower. This will activate the Floor is Lava minigame Look for a beam of light to the south. Any ground, other than the catwalk, will kill you, so carefully make your way to the beam of light without touching the ground.

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If you reach the light without dying, you will unlock a speed boost. The boost will deactivate if you leave the area.

Completing the patrol mission there will unlock patrol missions on the other planets. Complete three patrols on any single planet and then talk to Cayde-6 at the Tower to unlock the Flashpoint Milestone. Then complete public events on the right planet to get your weekly loot. Nightfall Complete the main campaign of the base game and talk to Zavala. Complete two regular strikes, and talk to Zavala again. Get your power level up high enough, and complete a Nightfall Strike for weekly loot. Kang aids the Avengers and in the final battle kills the Time Keepers when they attempt to punish Immortus for failing.

The Avengers resolve to strike against the Time Keepers even after they learn their enemies' motives, arguing that the Time Keepers only seek to eliminate those that might threaten them, when they do not even attempt to erase themselves, despite the existence of alternate timelines where they themselves became the Time Twisters.

Destiny 2's New Whisper Mission Is Hiding One More Exotic Secret

During a mass conflict where the Time-Keepers unleash the Avengers of the corrupted timelines against an army of Avengers drawn from the worlds where the heroes remained true to their original purpose, the Time Keepers attempt to 'force' Kang to become Immortus after they kill the future Immortus for his attempt to protect the Avengers. However, Kang's strength of will and the unique temporal conditions of the conflict results in a temporal backlash, culminating in Kang and Immortus being recreated as separate beings compared to Immortus 'splitting' the original Human Torch into itself and the future Vision.

When Rick is injured using the Destiny Force to destroy the Time-Keepers' equipment, Captain Marvel merges with Rick to save his life--the link with Marvel's future self resulting in Rick being unintentionally linked to Marvel's present self when he, Giant-Man and the Wasp return to their present--and all the Avengers are returned to their respective time lines with a lingering memory of the incident. While Genis-Vell is later revealed to have actually come from a few months in the future, with the greater age of Rick's future self revealed to be the result of him being subjected to accelerated aging while helping Thanos separate Death from Marlo Chandler , it is generally accepted that the Songbird who fought with the Avengers in this storyline originated from an alternate future rather than the future.

The series has been collected into a single volume :. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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