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And instead of being smooth cylinders, they are studded in minuscule spikes. These unique structures excel at capturing light.

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When light hits a normal feather, it finds a series of horizontal surfaces, and can easily bounce off. But when light hits a super-black feather, it finds a tangled mess of mostly vertical surfaces. Instead of being reflected away , it bounces repeatedly between the barbules and their spikes. With each bounce, a little more of it gets absorbed. Light loses itself within the feathers.

McCoy and her colleagues, including Teresa Feo from the National Museum of Natural History, showed that this light-trapping nanotechnology can absorb up to Vantablack , an eerily black substance produced by the British company Surrey Nanosystems, can absorb The birds-of-paradise mass-produce similar forests, using only biological materials, at body temperature.

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  7. But McCoy has created a similar demonstration with her super-black feathers. In the image below, you can see two feathers, both of which have been sprinkled with gold dust. The left one is from the lesser melampitta—a bird of average blackness—and it looks as golden as its surroundings.


    The right one comes from a paradise riflebird—one of the 42 species of bird-of-paradise. Yes, it is covered in gold dust. And yes, it still looks black. Events you might like:. Music Performance. Share this event. Save This Event Log in or sign up for Eventbrite to save events you're interested in.

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    When People come, and they will, no Man will ever cage you for your fine song. He will never hunt you, as you will taste of smoke. The other animals will never harm you, out of respect for your deeds. You will be free for all eternity.

    And if you look closely, you can still see the beauty you once had. And it's true. If you examine a crow feather very carefully, you will see it has a beautiful rainbow colored sheen. Plus, they have spines on their backs, like. Is that what your teacher said? Well, we had a dog, a fat old mutt named Chestnut, who spent most of his time sitting under the kitchen table looking for scraps. James hadn't even made it into her house, and he was already itchy. On the walk from his car to her door, he noted the Christmas lights still on the shrubs. It's August. Pots of plants meant to be planted crowded the stoop.

    Most of them gave up, dead stalks reproachfully dead, but some fought their confinement and threw off. Somewhere in the world, just now, an egg is bursting open on a hardwood floor. Fractions of the shell are catching on a red kitchen towel. The yolk is pooling into a divot in the wood, formed by too many years of too many boots on the floor. Confidential User - All Records you currently create will be confidenitial.

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    Challenge: Contribute a piece. Related Records:. Bad Advice: Jelly Baby edition. It's like making candy from a baby. I want to build a bridge from my heart to yours.